Julie Heyde

Julie Heyde

Julie is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, and grew up playing video games with her two older brothers. They called it babysitting. Julie has been in the video game industry for 10 years. She started on the investment side, next as a game developer agent and now connects and advices game developers, publishers and technology developers. Julie is an active game jammer, one of the organizers of Nordic Game Jam and is currently working on the Norse mythology based game, XTODIE, together with Karl Flodin aka Sumprunk. True viking style! Julie has founded Unicorn7 together with a group of game jammers from the Copenhagen based jamming community. Unicorn7, a web platform for game jam games, is used at Nordic Game Jam, Exile Game Jam, No More Sweden and more. Julie is also involved in Burning Bridges, Indie MEGABOOTH and the A MAZE. Festival.



Dana Gheza

Dana takes care of everything that relates to developer PR and email marketing campaigns, and also helps Julie out with organizing events. She has around 7 years worth of  experience in PR/Communications, both in the indie scene and in the big industry, having worked for blue chip companies and governmental agencies.
Dana is in charge of the Bandello LaunchPad and has done PR for 40+ games. Running the LaunchPad has provided her with insight into the PR needs of devs and journalists alike. This knowledge has spurred HypeSlugs, the new PR tool for game devs to publish a professional, no-nonsense, awesome-looking profile of their game and distribute it to game journalists. Check it out!


Kabam, SYBO Games, Games Foundation, Mediocre, Yahoo!, Ludosity, Nutritious games, Paladin Studios, Beautifun Games, GameAnalytics, Digital Dreams, White Titan Games, Blinzy Studios, Battery Acid Games, Cartoon Network, Boldai, House on Fire, Unity Technologies, Redgrim, PlayHaven, Pixeleap, Rovio, BetaDwarf, Much Different, Vostopia, Full Control, Big Bite Games, Kogama, Tappaz, Biart, Copenhagen Creators, Kipper Digital, Windelov/Lassen, VisualDreams.